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JTransformer Installation



Installation via Update Site

Add the JTransformer Update Site to your Eclipse installation by entering one of the following URL in “Help” → “Install new Software…” → “Add…”:

Update Site URL Release notes
4.7 Oxygen
4.6 Neon
latest build from
latest commit
4.7 Oxygen
4.6 Neon
(recommended) Release Notes
Older Versions
4.5 Mars
4.4 Luna
4.1.0 Release Notes

Then select at least the “JTransformer” and “Prolog Development Tool” features. This is how it should look (except for the version number):

 JTransformer Update Site

Uncheck “Contact all update sites during install to find required software”, to avoid long connection times.

Press “Next” and follow the instructions.

Getting Started

The JTransformer Tutorial tells you how to set up your first JTransformer Project and write your first query.

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