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This page is outdated, it is kept only for historical value.All bug reports and requests for change are now managed inJira

Release 1

NumberDateTopicDescriptionStatus [1] Assigned To
12004-04-04 13:12 (Tobias) Underline problems in the source code of prolog files. By now, the Problem IMarkers for Prolog IFile(s) do not include a source range of the problem location. IMarker.CHAR_START and IMarker.CHAR_END are set to the same position. A reasonable range should be chosen for the specific problems, so that the position can be recognized more easier in the code. The implementation should be improved in the future, especially for errors. DONE Tobias
22004-04-04 13:15 (Tobias) source location fact (slT/3) is not consistently added to all pAST facts By now not all source locations are mapped correctly to the corresponding pAST facts, because a very simple solution was implemented in the first place: In the factgeneration the method postVisit(..) was overriden and the source location fact is generated for every ASTNode. This works in the general case, but is wrong if there is no direct mapping from a ASTNode to a fact, especially if no fact is generated for a node at all (e.g. fielddeclaration). DONE Stefan
32004-04-04 17:05 (Tobias) Refactoring: Move the engine folder from src folder to project root. This enables the automatic deployment of the plugin by the export functionality. In the file the engine folder is now selected for the binary build and will be copied into the plugin directory. Additionally this project structure is more reasonable, because IMHO the src folder in the Java perspective should only be used for java resources. DONE Tobias
42004-04-04 18:25 (Tobias) Reload all facts of a projects with JLMP nature after restart of eclipse. Currently after a restart the factbase of the prolog system ist blank. All source fact files should be consulted automatically. Aftwards the iteration for byte code classes should be triggered. ASSIGNED Lukas
52004-04-04 18:27 (Tobias) Visualisation of the fact generation processes. For large projects we need more feedback of the current state of the fact generation especially for referenced byte code classes. There is an output to the java console for each processed class that should be redirected to the building dialog. LATER Lukas
62004-04-04 18:30 (Tobias) Fix Highlighting in PLEditor. Comments and Variables are not highlighted correctly in every context. DONE Tobias
72004-04-04 18:33 (Tobias) Double click in the prolog console on the line “Error/Warning [Thread 2] z:/…” does not work anymore. - ASSIGNED Tobias
82004-04-04 18:35 (Tobias) Test and documentation of the “double click on ID” feature. You can click on an arbitrary ID in the prolog console and the editor will be pointed (with selection) to the corresponding element in the javaeditor. This is not properly tested and depends on Task 2. OPEN -
92004-04-05 15:24 (Tobias) Move activation of the JLMP nature from the Resource to Java perspective. Currently the activation is only available in the context menu projects in the Resource perspective. ASSIGNED Lukas
102004-04-05 15:54 (Tobias) (Low priority) Make sure that only one project with JLMP nature is open at the time. This includes the cleanup of the fact base when a project is closed. ASSIGNED Lukas
112004-04-08 10:01 (Tobias) Kill old Prolog server on Eclipse startup. There has to be way to retrieve the process id in Java or plattform specific. The Id is saved in a pid file in the Java temp directory. If the pid file exists at startup time the process is killed. OPEN -

Release 2

122004-04-08 09:56 (Tobias) Linux Deployment. - open for comments - OPEN -
132004-04-08 09:58 (Tobias) Compressing of fact files. Every fact file is compressed with gzip. This must be combined with Task 14 to get a performance advantage. LATER Stefan
142004-04-08 09:59 (Tobias) Consult fact files via a socket connection. A thread in the prolog engine waits for incoming “fact streams”. OPEN -
152004-04-08 10:06 (Tobias) Redirect Streams to sockets. This enables an uncoupling of the server process of the Java process. By now the “server process” must be started by the “client”. OPEN -
162004-04-08 10:08 (Tobias) Hinder SWI-Prolog from going into the debug modus, if the modus is not set in the GUI. Especially in the hidden client. - OPEN -
172004-04-08 10:10 (Tobias) Use local symbol table in the fact files. This prevents massive dublications of full qualified names. DONE Stefan
182004-04-08 10:13 (Tobias) BUG: The method IProject.findType(String fullyQualifiedName) fails on several class names. Ask mailing list for help. OPEN -
192004-05-26 11:52 (Stefan) BUG: ?- packageT(ID, NAME), packageT(ID2, NAME), ID \= ID2. NAME = lId( 10 ) ID2 = 100646 ID = 100011 ; … Look through local ID exchange code, somewhere packages are wrongfully added without looking up their fqn() OPEN -

Possible Tasks (Discussion)

D12004-04-05 15:26 (Tobias) The builder process is started on every resource change. Every change to files in a project with JLMP nature starts the builder. Is this intended? By now this is a good hook for logicaj, because I “touch” the aspect files after compilation and the iteration is started. But I think this should be done in are more excplicit way, including the automatic deletion of old classes (aspects) in the factbase. … TODO …
D22004-04-16 14:00 (Daniel) Mini-Fehler beim Wechsel der Groß-/Kleinschreibung in einem Dateinamen. Beschreibung: Klasse “myTestClass” erzeugt. Prolog-Fakten erzeugt (nur für Datei), angesehen und Fenster geschlossen. Klasse in “mytestclass” umbenannt. Prolog-Fakten erzeugt. Editor für Prolog-Fakten wird NICHT geöffnet.


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