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JUnit Tests

  • Turn all tests green! More tests!
    • deactivate unused plugins in the test run
    • in particular, disable UI (should be possible, demonstrated by
    • more information and agreements on howwewritetests


  • API-Documentation
  • are the PAST docs complete and up-to-date??(vital for writing tests!)


  • split PDTPlugin into several classes with different roles
    • simplify polling
    • (combine query/output view)
    • (use Eclipse-Console-Facilities?)
  • remove obsoleted classes
    • … remove unused/obsolete functionality
    • … use code inspection to find unreferenced classes (generationcontroller?)
    • … There will be obsolete classes which are referenced, identify those cases, move the code in question to a more adaequat location, delete the class. (e.g. generationcontroller, CUProvider, ASTProvider etc)
  • clean up the astvisitor package.

Functionality and Performance

  • remove FQNs in java_code_generator output, if available once in the imports
  • (don't fix: code comments, javadoc comments)
  • move ext/pl directories to .metadata
  • qcompile ext (pl?) files (use metadatamanager)
  • precompile all classes referenced by object into one file (at startup)
  • module support for completion
  • show constraint information for PEFs in help
  • add constraint information check to the CTChecker
  • better/more error messages on failed CTs
  • Change activation Keys: F2 → Ctrl+SPACE, F5 → Mouse over (?)

Bugs and Issues

  • investigate resolution problem of org.eclipse.core.filebuffers.ifilebuffer, org.eclipse.core.filebuffers.itextfilebuffer, org.eclipse.core.filebuffers.ifilebufferlistener
  • bug: restart of console hangs system if debug/trace is running
  • append flush_output after query.
  • local symbol table: no fqn/? terms in inTe/1 rules.
  • get rid of extern anonymous classes (…$1)
  • The need(?) to call activatePrologConsol right know literaly eliminates any chance of doing performant, i.e., headless junit plugin tests.

Deployment and Portability

  • identify show killers on certain machines/platforms (User reported Problem!)
  • ensure support of other jdk versions
  • ensure support of other major platforms besides Windows 2000
    • We definitely should support GNU/Linux :-) (Debian/suse/Redhat/Mandrake)
    • ld: i recommend that we establish a separate wiki page for platformspecificissues
  • identify and solve problems with third-party technology (i.e., SWI, JPL, Debian :-) )
  • beautify installation process
    • Configurable location of SWI-Prolog (on many systems, it is already installed system-wide)
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