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JTransformer is powerful and easy to use development environment for your own custom analyses and transformations of Java source code. It is available as a plug-in for the Eclipse JDT.

JTransformer lets you analyse and transform the full source code of a Java project (even the comments), up to Java 1.8. Declarations of program elements contained in class files referenced from the source code can be analyzed too.

  • Bidirectional synchronization. Source code edits are propagated automatically and incrementally to the internal model of the program. Transformations of the internal model are propagated to the source code upon explicit request. Thus model transformation is reflected as source-code transformation at the push of a button.
  • Multi-project workspaces. Analysis and transformations can adress a single project or multiple projects from your Eclipse workspace.
  • Incomplete projects JTransformer can also handle incomplete projects, making it easy to analyse parts of large projects in isolation, without some of their dependencies.
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