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Control Center

The JTransformer Control Center is the most important view for working with JTransformer. It contains the following components:

  1. a factbase selector,
  2. a set of possible operations for the selected factbase,
  3. a table of available analyses,
  4. a table of analysis results and
  5. a toolbar offering actions for analyses.

Factbase Selector

The factbase selector allows the selection of a JTransformer factbase. All operations, the lists of analyses and analysis results work for the selected factbase. Thus, it is important to make sure that a factbase is selected before performing any operation in the view.

Factbase Operations

The possible operations for the selected factbase are:

  1. Factbase Statistics: Opens the JTransformer Statistics view and selects the same factbase in the view.
  2. Recreate Factbase: Recreates the complete factbase, i.e. all PEFs will be deleted first and recreated afterwards.
  3. Restart process: Allows restarting the Prolog process of the factbase. This operation is the same as in the Prolog Console.
  4. Import factbase: Loads a factbase file into the Prolog process of the selected factbase. The selected factbase will be cleared before performing the import.
  5. Export factbase: Exports the selected factbase to a Prolog file (either plain or compiled).
  6. Save factbase: The operations offered in the drop down menu allow to generate reverse engineered code. A detailed description can be found here.

Available Analyses

The analysis table shows the availabe analyses of the selected factbase. An analysis is availabe if it is loaded in the factbase. If the table is empty no analyses have been loaded and it is necessary to load a file containing analysis declarations and implementations. When switching to another factbase it might be necessary to load them again (once per factbase), since each factbase corresponds to a separate Prolog process having its own set of loaded analyses and transformations.

The analysis table allows enabling () and disabling () of analyses. If an analysis is enabled (and its Run property is onSave) it will be executed after each update of the factbase. This means that all results are deleted and recomputed after each update.

The analyses in the table are grouped into categories. Categories are written with an emphasized font, analyses are written with a normal font.

For each analysis and category the table shows:

  • the name of the analysis/category,
  • a description of the analysis/category and
  • the number of results of the analysis/category.

Additionally the table shows the following information for each analysis in the tooltip:

  • Run defines when to run the analysis. Possible values are:
    • onSave: The analysis is run automatically after each update of the factbase. The most likely case is saving a file whose contents is represented in the factbase.
    • manually: The analysis can only be run explicitly from of the Control Center.
  • Type is the kind of markers that JTransformer creates for this analysis. Possible values are
    • info ()
    • warning ()
    • error ()

Context Menu

The context menu of the analysis table offers two operations for the selected analyses.

  • Run analysis: Runs the selected analyses and creates markers for the results. The old results of the selected analyses are deleted before.
  • Remove analysis markers: Deletes the results of the selected analyses.

Analysis Results

The analysis result table shows the results for the analyses which are selected in the analysis table. For each analysis result the table shows:

  • a description of the result,
  • the resource of the result and,
  • the location (line) of the result in its resource.

By double-clicking on a result in the table it is possible to select the location of the result in an editor. Further information about working with analysis results can be found here.


The toolbar offers two operations:

  1. Run all enabled analyses: Runs the enabled analyses and creates markers for the results. The old results of the enabled analyses are deleted before.
  2. Delete all analysis markers: Deletes all analysis results.
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