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 +====== ​ Creating Analyses (As) and Transformations (Ts)  ======
 +This section tells you how to add new analyses and transformations to JTransformer.
 +As a sample scenario, we show you how to find all ''​System.out.println''​ calls and replace them with calls to some logging API by
 +  - [[developer_perspective|Using the JTransformer Developer Perspective]]
 +  - [[analysis|Implementing your own analysis]] ​
 +  - [[transformation|Implementing your own transformation ]]
 +  - [[analysis_cc|Adding your analysis to the Control Center]]
 +  - [[quickfix|Declaring the transformation as a quickfix for the analysis results]]
 +Then the tutorial shows you how you can use two additional features of JTransformer:​
 +  * [[source_templates]]:​ Simplify writing of analyses and transformations by adjusting source code templates.
 +  * [[incomplete_programs]]:​ Handling of unresolved Java elements (e.g. missing libraries) in conditions and transformations.
 +You **don'​t** have to care about 
 +  * reacting to code edits, ​
 +  * reverse engineering the source code after a transformation
 +JTransformer will take care of these issues for you.
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