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Factbase Statistics

As the name implies, the Factbase Statistics View displays statistics about a JTransformer factbase. This view can be opened from the Control Center or via Window → Show View → Other… → Factbase Statistics. It contains the following components:

  1. a factbase selector,
  2. filters for the statistics and
  3. the statistics themselves including a pie chart and a table.

The following input can be set in this view:

  • Factbase: The factbase selector allows to specify the factbase for which statistics should be presented.
  • Show statistics for: This is a filter for PEFs which are considered for the statistics. Possible values are:
    • Sourcecode and bytecode: Consider all PEFs for the statistics.
    • Sourcecode only: Only consider PEFs representing elements in source code.
    • Bytecode only: Only consider PEFs not representing elements in source code.
  • Configure: This opens a dialog which allows to select the PEFs types to be displayed in the statistics.

After selecting a factbase and selecting PEF types the pie chart will be filled. It visualises the quantities of the selected PEF types. The table below gives the exact number of PEFs for each selected PEF type.

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