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-====== Declaring Transformations as Quickfix ====== 
-Running a transformation and rewriting the code can be time-consuming. This section explains how to declare a transformation as quickfix and link them to an [[analysis_cc|analysis]]. ​ 
-Transformations of program elements returned as analysis results are declared using the multifile predicate //​transformation_api:​transformation/​5//​. Its arguments are: 
-  * **Group** is a Group term returned from an analysis (see -> [[analysis_cc#​wrapping analysis results for the gui|Wrapping Analysis Results for the GUI]]). 
-  * **Role** is a Role term returned from an analysis (see -> [[analysis_cc#​generating a result term|Generating a Result Term]]). 
-  * **CTHead** is the head of a CT that implements this transformation. It may also be a list of CT heads that should be executed sequentially. 
-  * **Description** is a text shown in the GUI when suggesting the transformation. 
-  * **Options** is a list. Possible options are: 
-    * //​preview//:​ Show a preview even when applying this transformation to just one result. 
-    * //global//: Apply this transformation to all results that play the same role. 
-This predicate is called by JTransformer with the mode (+, +, -, -, -), i.e. //Group// and //​RoleTerm//​ are bound. 
-The following listing shows the transformation defined for the "​Singleton Constructor not private"​ analysis from our ++Tutorial project|. You find it in JTransformer via the menues: New -> Example -> JTransformer Example Projects -> JTransformer Tutorial - Prolog Files++. 
-<Code lang-prolog linenums:​1>​ 
-:- multifile(transformation_api:​transformation/​5). ​    % Don't forget the declaration! 
-    _,                                                 % Individual result (No group) 
-    sysout_call(CallId), ​                              % RoleTerm 
-    replaceSysoutWithLogging(CallId), ​                 % CTHead 
-    '​Replace by call to logging method', ​              % Description 
-    [preview]). ​                                       % Option: Show Preview 
-===== Presentation of Declared Transformations ===== 
-The declared transformations for a particular analysis result are shown in the Java editor. The screenshot below shows the transformations for a result of the "​System.out.println"​ detector. The first two offered transformations result from the transformation definition shown above. ​ 
-  * The first one simply executes the specified CT and applies the changes to the Java source code without further user interaction. ​ 
-    This suggestion is always generated, independent of the options set in the transformation declaration. ​ 
-  * The second one opens a wizard that shows the changes of the Java source code before applying them. 
-    This suggestion is generated if the '​preview'​ or the '​global'​ option is set in the transformation declaration (for analyses that apply globally, a preview is always generated). ​ 
-The last four transformations are always offered for each result. For further information see [[viewing_results#​quick_fixes|Viewing Results]]. 
-  * The //accept// and //reject// suggestions can be used to assess the analysis results as correct or incorrect. They trigger transformations that add a special comment to the respective code element. 
-  * The //​suppress//​ suggestion deactivates reporting this particular result. This also boils down to adding a special comment to the respective code element. 
-  * The //​deactivate//​ suggestion deactivates running this analysis. It is equivalent to deactivating the analysis by unchecking it in the [[control_center|Control Center]]. 
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