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 +===== Control Center (CC) =====
 +The JT Control Center (CC) shows you all known analyses whose definition was loaded into a certain factbase. It can be opend via the JTransformer Menu --> Control Center.
 +==== CC Table ====
 +All operations below work on a single factbase. Therefore, the first step in the CC view is to select a JTransformer factbase by using the drop-down list element at the top left of the CC Table: ​
 +The CC table shows the analyses loaded for the selected factbase. If you do not see anything make sure you have loaded ('​consulted'​) a file that contains analysis declarations and implementations. If you switch to another factbase you have to load them again (once per factbase), since each factbase corresponds to a separate JTransformer process, with its own set of analyses and transformations. ​
 +In the CC table, the analyses are grouped into categories. In the example above, you can see five analyses in three categories: Correctness,​ Performance and Useless Code. 
 +Each category has a **name** and may also have a **description**. ​
 +Analyses additionally have the following columns:
 +  * **Run** defines when to run the analysis. Possible values are:
 +    * //onSave//: The analysis is run automatically after each save of a file whose contents is represented in the factbase. ​
 +    * //​manually//:​ The analysis can only be run explicitly using the [[#context menu|context menu]] or the [[#​toolbar|toolbar]] of the Control Center.
 +  * **Type** is the kind of [[viewing_results#​markers|markers]] that JTransformer creates for this analysis. Possible values are 
 +    * //info// ({{:​research:​jtransformer:​tutorial_old:​info_tsk.gif|}})
 +    * //warning// ({{:​research:​jtransformer:​tutorial_old:​quickfix_warning_obj.gif|}}) ​
 +    * //error// ({{:​research:​jtransformer:​tutorial_old:​quickfix_error_obj.gif|}})
 +  * **Quickfix** shows if [[viewing_results#​quick_fixes| quickfixes]] are available for this analysis. Possible values are '​true'​ and '​false'​. The value is set in the [[jt_analysis|jt_analysis_definition predicate]].
 +  * **Occurrences** show the total number of results for each category and each individual analysis.  ​
 +==== Running Analyses ====
 +In the CC table, analyses can be activated by selecting the check-box on the left-hand-side of each row. When an analysis is shown for the first time (after having been loaded into the factbase), its default status is deactivated (unchecked). ​
 +All checked analyses that have '//​on_save//'​ status (see above) are run automatically on the entire factbase whenever a file is saved.
 +All analyses can be run manually at any time, either using the [[#context menu|context menu]] or using the [[#​toolbar|toolbar]] of the Control Center.
 +Whenever an analysis is run (no matter whether manually or automatically),​ all its old [[viewing results|result markers]] will be deleted and new markers will be created for each found result.
 +==== Context menu ====
 +The context menu of the table offers two operations. Both operations affect the **currently selected** analyses in the table. In the example above, these are //​nested_db_access//​ and //​string_concatenation_in_loop//​.
 +  * **Run analyses**: Deletes the [[viewing results|result markers]] of the selected analyses, performs the selected analyses and creates new markers for their results.
 +  * **Remove analysis markers**: Only deletes the markers of the selected analyses.
 +==== Toolbar ====
 +The operations of the toolbar affect the **active** analyses. In the example above, these analyses are //​string_identity_comparison//​ and //​string_concatenation_in_loop//​.
 +  * {{:​research:​jtransformer:​tutorial_old:​run.gif|}} 'Run active'​ deletes the markers of the active analyses, performs the active analyses and creates new markers for the results.
 +  * {{:​research:​jtransformer:​tutorial_old:​refresh.gif|}} 'Rerun onSave'​ does the same as 'Run active'​ but only for analyses whose //Run// value is //onSave//.
 +  * {{:​research:​jtransformer:​tutorial_old:​delete.gif|}}Deletes all markers generated by JTransformer. <- :?: for active analyses :?:
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