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Factbase Statistics

As the name implies, the Factbase Statistics View displays statistics about a JTransformer Factbase.

To open this view select the Open Factbase Statistics action in the JTransformer menu. The view opens with no factbase selected for display.

“Factbase:” In the first field you can select the factbase you like to have some statistics about. We selected the JHotDraw factbase from the drop-down menu.

“Show statistics for:” In this field you can customize your statistics view. In the drop-down menu you can choose which kind from the factbase you would like to inspect. You can choose between sourcecode, bytecode or both.
“Sourcecode only” just inspect your written code. “Bytcode only” inspects java imports like java.lang.

The“Configure..” button open up a new dialog with pages for each supported language and checkboxes for the type of PEFs you wish to display.
As you select the facts the view is updated. When you have selected all interesting facts you can close the dialog.

Your view should now look something like this:

The pie chart visualises the quantities of the selected PEF types. The table below gives the exact numbers, which can be copied to the clipboard in a spreadsheet-friendly format (tab-separated).

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