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LogicAJ Installation


  • First download and install SWI-Prolog >= 5.11.32 swi-prolog for your platform.
  • Add the “bin” directory of your SWI-Prolog installation to the system PATH.
  • Download the latest Eclipse 3.7. Use a version that includes the PDE (Plugin Development Environment).
  • Important: Be sure that the AJDT (AspectJ Development Tools) are NOT installed! See also FAQ if you are switching from AspectJ.

Installation via the Update Site

After making sure that you have fulfilled the above prerequisites:

  • Add the JTransformer Update Site to your Eclipse installation by entering the following URL in: “Help→Software Updates→Find and Install→Search for new Features to Install→New Remote Site”
  • Press “Finish” and select at least the “JTransformer” and “PDT” features in the next view:

 JTransformer (ROOTS) Update Site

Available software distributions are listed on the update site:

  • Install the plug-ins and restart Eclipse (make sure you have not ignored the first step of the prerequisites and the SWI-Prolog bin directory is in your PATH!)
  • Do not assign the Prolog Prolog Nature to Projects you use with LogicAJ (JTransformer). They are currently incompatible.

Getting started/Download Demo Project

The following project contains a range of demo aspect (contract checking, mock objects, visitor pattern): LogicAJ Demo Project. See the tutorial for how to get started with LogicAJ.

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