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SVN Checkout

To contribute to the development of LogicAJ or run it from the SVN you need the Plug-in Developer or the Classic version of Eclipse Europa (version 3.3.x.x).

You need to check out first the code for JTransformer and PDT, on which LogicAJ depends.

Make sure to check out st.logicaj from the JTransformer repository. This will be moved to the LogicAJ repository in the near future.

LogicAJ repository path: Checkout the projects:

  • LogicAJ
  • LogicAJFeature (optional)


For CSLogicAJ you will need Ditrios, too:
Ditrios repository path:
Checkout projects:

  • Ditrios
  • PrologInterface

Use the Ditrios Team Set to import the current set of plugins.

If any of these projects contain errors after checking them out.

  • Process a clean (Project→Clean→Clean all projects
  • Restart eclipse
  • Process a clean (Project→Clean→Clean all projects

Creating deployable Plugins

Run the build-laj-jt-pdt.xml ant build. It will create the file dist/ containing the current version of the PDT, JTransformer, LogicAJ.

Be aware that there might be incompatibilities with the PDT on the HEAD!

Running Eclipse + LogicAJ

Run eclipse with more memory, at least 512 MB. JTransformer consumes a lot of memory on larger projects. The option -consoleLog logs exceptions directly to the console additionally to the .log file in the .metadata project. Of course you have to start eclipse from a console (cmd, gnome-terminal, etc.) to see the messages.

eclipse -consoleLog -clean -vmargs -Xmx512M -Xms512M

For more eclipse command line option see the documentation.

Testing LogicAJ


Project: LogicAJ
Test Class: org.aspectj.compiler.test.LogicAJTestsuite

Program to Run: Run an Application: No Application-Headles Mode
Command Line Settings: default.
Runtime JRE: <Java 1.5>

Note: make sure that you've put the tools.jar file in the Java CLASSPATH. Otherwise the tests will not run.

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