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SWI Prolog Dependencies

The table below describes the dependencies of SWI Prolog predicates for the development environment part of the PDT (editor, outline, searches, graph views, console – put differently, all modules except the prolog connector, which can be used independently of the development environment and depends on sockets and threads).

The best way to make PDT features work for your Prolog system is to implement the respective predicates. The PDT expects the same behaviour as in the current version of SWI Prolog (see SWI Prolog manual). You might find some of these in the Prolog Commons initiative or might want to make your own contribution to Prolog Commons. If you want to add a compatibility layer to simplify the integration, feel free to contact us.

Predicate Outline 1) Search definitions 2) Search references 3) Search meta predicates 4) Search completions 5) Create graphs 6) File consult state 7) Console 8)
$apply:forall/2 x x x
$dcg:phrase/2 x
$dwim:dwim_predicate/2 x
$messages:print_message/2 x x x x
$syspreds:clause_property/2 x x x x x
$syspreds:current_module/1 x x x x x x
$syspreds:module_property/2 x x x x x x
$syspreds:source_file/1 x x x
$syspreds:source_file_property/2 x x x x
$toplevel:prolog/0 x
apply:maplist/2 x x x
apply:maplist/3 x x x
apply:maplist/4 x x x
charsio:open_chars_stream/2 x x
error:must_be/2 x x x
gui_tracer:gtrace/0 x x x
html_write:html/3 x
html_write:print_html/1 x
lists:append/3 x x x
lists:list_to_set/2 x
lists:member/2 x x x x x x x
lists:min_list/2 x
lists:nth1/3 x x x
lists:union/3 x x x
pldoc_html:doc_file_objects/5 x
pldoc_html:objects/4 x
pldoc_process:doc_comment/4 x
prolog:called_by/2 x x x
prolog_clause:clause_info/4 x x x x x
prolog_clause:initialization_layout/4 x x x
prolog_debug:assertion/1 x x x
prolog_debug:debug/3 x x x
prolog_debug:debugging/1 x x x
prolog_listing:portray_clause/1 x x x
socket:tcp_accept/3 x
socket:tcp_bind/2 x
socket:tcp_close_socket/1 x
socket:tcp_listen/2 x
socket:tcp_open_socket/3 x
socket:tcp_setopt/2 x
socket:tcp_socket/1 x
swi_option:meta_options/3 x x x
system: $atom_completions/2 x
system: $atom_references/2 x
system: $get_predicate_attribute/3 x x x
system: $init_goal/3 x x x
system: $skip_list/3 x x x
system: (*→)/2 x
system: (=@=)/2 x x x
system:absolute_file_name/3 x
system:access_file/2 x
system:atom_to_term/3 x
system:atomic_list_concat/2 x
system:call_cleanup/2 x
system:clause/3 x x x x
system:duplicate_term/2 x x x
system:erase/1 x
system:exists_file/1 x
system:file_base_name/2 x x x
system:file_directory_name/2 x x x
system:file_name_extension/3 x x x
system:flag/3 x
system:format/3 x x x x x x x
system:garbage_collect_atoms/0 x
system:get_attr/3 x x x
system:ignore/1 x
system:is_list/1 x x x
system:memberchk/2 x x
system:not/1 x
system:nth_clause/3 x x x x
system:put_attr/3 x x x
system:recorded/3 x
system:same_term/2 x x x
system:set_prolog_IO/3 x
system:set_stream/2 x
system:setarg/3 x x x
system:setup_call_cleanup/3 x
system:source_file/2 x x
system:statistics/2 x x x
system:strip_module/3 x x x
system:succ/2 x x x x
system:thread_exit/1 x
system:time_file/2 x
system:unifiable/3 x x x
system:with_output_to/2 x
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