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PDT for System Integrators

It is our long term aim to support many more Prolog systems.

From our collaboration with Vitor Santos Costa on integrating YAP we have learned quite a lot about the related difficulties. So we have restructured the PDT to make integration of Prolog systems easier.

Prolog Connector

The minimum requirements for a Prolog system that can run with the PDT is to support the basic interaction of the PDT with a Prolog process (see prolog.connector) via

  1. sockets ← for the communication between Eclipse / Java and Prolog processes.
  2. threads ← for letting many things happen in parallel (user requests from the Prolog console and from different parts of the PDT GUI).

Development Environment

For supporting the development environment functionalities, adopt or adapt the implementation of the SWI-Prolog predicates listed in our dependency matrix.

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