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Context View

The Context View visualizes the call graph of the predicates defined in the file displayed by the Prolog Editor that has the focus, provided its file is consulted. If nothing is displayed, consult the file and focus again on its editor. For big projects you might need to wait a few seconds.

The name Context View reflects that only the predicates from the focused file are shown together with their callers and callees from other files.

The image above illustrates that, if the “Hierarchical Layout” is selected, the call graph displayed in the Context View shows (top to bottom):

  • calls from predicates defined in other files (in this case the module 'parse_util')
  • calls among predicates defined in the focused file (in this case the module 'predicates')
  • calls to predicates defined in other files (in this case the module 'pdt_factbase')

The same contents can also be shown with the “Organic Layout”, just that there will be no default position of external callers and callees.

Working with this view

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