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 +====== The SWI-Prolog Tracer ======
 +The PDT lets you use all the built-in tracing facilities of SWI-Prolog. The [[http://​​gtrace.html|SWI-Prolog tracer]] is invoked by calling ''​trace''​ before the goal you want to trace. For instance, if you want to trace the execution of p(X,Y,Z) you call: 
 + ?- trace, p(X,Y,Z).
 +What you get as a result of such a call depends on the enabled tracing mode:
 +|  {{pdt_gui_tracer.png?​300px|The SWI-Prolog GUI tracer window}} ​          ​| ​    ​{{screen7.png?​200px|}} ​        |
 +|  [[gui_tracer]] (recommended,​ enabled by default) ​ |  [[console_tracing]] ​ |
 +===== Switching between tracing modes =====
 +<​note>​Deactivating the GUI tracer will automatically activate console tracing.</​note>​
 +++A note to Mac users | To use the GUI tracer you need to have a X11 server running. On the Mac you need to start it explicitly, it is not on by default.++
 +The GUI tracer is enabled / disabled by using the menu in the Prolog Console Toolbar.
 +Alternatively,​ the GUI tracer is enabled / disabled by typing ''​guitracer''​ / ''​noguitracer''​ in the Prolog Console:
 +{{screen2.png|Enabling / disabling the GUI tracer from the console.}}
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