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PDT Entry Points

The PDT offers the possibility to mark prolog files as “entry points”. These are typically loadfiles, which consult all important Prolog files of the project.

To mark a file as entry point right click on it and select “Prolog Developement Tools” → “Mark as Entry Point”. If you use the automated load file generation, the generated file will be an entry point by default (you can change this in the generation wizard).

If a file is marked as entry point you have the following advantages:

  • File will be highlighted with an icon (which will be saved persistently in the workspace, not depending on the current Prolog process and still available after a restart of eclipse).
  • If the file is consulted in your current process, the fact “pdt_entry_point(Filename)” will be added. This might be useful for dead code analysis (e.g. files which aren't loaded from an entry point are dead code).
  • Last but no least, when you restart a Prolog process the PDT will by default reconsult entry point files. This saves you the small trouble of doing it yourself and the bigger trouble of forgetting to do it and wondering why things don't work anymore. You can alternatively choose to restart without reloading entry points or restart and relaoding all loaded files. The last option is to be used with caution, keeping in mind that one of the recently added files that are not yet consulted from the entry point might be the problem why your Prolog process crashed or looped infinitely. The rule of thumb is to consult only reasonably well tested code from the entry points.
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