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 +====== Logtalk Diagrams ======
 +The view //Logtalk Diagrams// presents diagrams created by the Logtalk diagrams tool. A description of the different diagrams generated by this tool can be found in the [[https://​​LogtalkDotOrg/​logtalk3/​blob/​master/​tools/​diagrams/​|Logtalk Github repository]].
 +The current input and diagram type are shown in the label at the bottom of the view.
 +===== Input =====
 +The view allows selecting the input for the diagram to be generated. The different input kinds are:
 +  - {{:​research:​pdt:​docs:​prj_obj.gif|}} **Project**:​ Generate the diagram for all files contained in the //current project//. The //current project// is the project of the file opened in the currently active editor.
 +  - {{:​research:​pdt:​docs:​package_obj.gif|}} **Library**:​ Generate the diagram for a single Logtalk library. The library is selected in the opened dialog.
 +  - {{:​research:​pdt:​docs:​packages.gif|}} **Recursive Library**: Generate the diagram for a Logtalk library and its sub-libraries. The library is selected in the opened dialog.
 +===== Diagram Type =====
 +The diagram type is chosen via the toolbar.
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