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 +====== Project Explorer ======
 +===== Consulted Files =====
 +You can consult prolog files by rightclicking on them in the Project Explorer. The icon of a file will be changed, depending on the state of the file.
 +  * {{prolog_file_transparent.png|}} {{qlf_file.png|}} File is not consulted (Prolog or QLF File)
 +  * {{prolog_file_consulted.png|}} {{qlf_file_consulted.png|}} File is consulted and up-to-date (Prolog or QLF File)
 +  * {{prolog_file_consulted_old.png|}} {{qlf_file_consulted_old.png|}} File is consulted, but it's content changed since then ((this can happen if you save a file in the editor without consulting it, see [[shortcuts]])) (Prolog or QLF File)
 +  * {{folder.png|}} Folder contains files which are consulted
 +===== Entry Points =====
 +{{entry_points.png|Set an entry point in the explorer}}
 +The PDT offers the possibility to mark prolog files as "entry points"​. These are typically loadfiles, which consult all important Prolog files of the project.
 +To mark a file as entry point right click on it and select "​Prolog Developement Tools" -> "Mark as Entry Point"​. If you use the automated [[console#​loadfile_creation|load file creation]], the generated file will be an entry point by default (you can change this in the generation wizard).
 +If a file is marked as entry point you have the following advantages:
 +  * File will be highlighted with an icon (which will be saved persistently in the workspace, not depending on the current Prolog process and still available after a restart of eclipse).
 +  * If the file is consulted in your current process, the fact "//​pdt_entry_point(Filename)//"​ will be added. This might be useful for dead code analysis (e.g. files which aren't loaded from an entry point are dead code).
 +==== Reconsult entry points on restart ====
 +In the preferences for the [[console|PDT Console]] you can change the behaviour on the restart of a process. One of the options is, to only reconsult files which are marked as an entry point. This should be the default behaviour. You can have a "​fresh"​ and empty process and still have all important predicates, without reconsulting them manually.
 +===== External Files =====
 +An external file is a file that are not stored in or imported into 
 +your Eclipse workspace.
 +If an external file is opened in the Prolog editor (e.g. via [[editor#​open_a_file_with_edit1|edit/​1]]), ​
 +a reference to it will be included into the "​External Prolog Files" project, thus making it 
 +virtual part of your workspace. This provides the  opportunity to set 
 +[[editor#​breakpoints|breakpoints]],​ show [[editor#​warning_and_error_annotations|warning and error markers]] ​
 +etc. also for external files. ​
 +Th "​External Prolog Files" project only contains //links//.
 +Deleting these links doesn'​t affect the real files. ​
 +It is safe to delete any file / folder in it or even the complete "​External Prolog Files" project.
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