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 +====== PDT 2.0: Added / improved functionality ======
 +==== Multifile predicate awareness ====
 +  * The  [[editor#​outline|Outline]] and the [[search|Search]] in the PDT always show **all** the clauses of a predicate, also for multifile predicates.
 +==== Multifile predicate navigation ====
 +  * In the [[Editor#​outline|Outline]] navigation to a **local** predicate or clause is by single click, navigation to an external predicate or clause by double-click. [[Editor#​outline|Read more..]]. ​
 +  * In [[search|search results]] there is no distinction between a local file and other files. Thus navigation to a predicate / clause is always by double-clicking the respective icon. 
 +==== Improved Search ====
 +  * **[[search#​Global Search]]** Predicates and modules can be searched via the Eclipse Search Menu item (or Ctrl H).
 +  * **[[search#​Search from Console]]** A global search can also be triggered from the console by selecting a predicate indicator displayed in the console and using the context menu.
 +  * **[[search#​Declarations and Definitions|Categorized Editor Search Results]]** Results of searches for predicate definitions triggered from a selection in an Editor are categorized by their visibility from the module associated to the editor'​s file.
 +==== Sample project creation ====
 +  * Selecting "File -> New -> Example... -> PDT Example Projects" ​
 +    lets you create a project containing sample Prolog files. ​
 +    These files are partly referred to in this documentation.
 +    You can use the sample project to get started quickly. ​
 +    You can recreate it as often as you need and as many simultaneous copies as you need. 
 +==== Other features ====
 +  * Improved [[console#​auto-completion| auto-completion]] in the Prolog console
 +  * Improved updating of the outline ​
 +  * Restructured PDT preferences
 +  * New options "​auto-consult on saving"​ in editor preferences
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