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 +====== PDT 2.1: Added / improved functionality ======
 +==== Global View ====
 +The [[contextview|Context View]] has been complemented by a "​Global View", which shows the complete call
 +graph of the entire loaded code base. To display it, select "​Window -> Show View -> Other... -> Prolog -> PDT Global View".
 +The interaction (double klicking, zoomin, etc.) is the same as in the [[contextview|Context View]].
 +<​note>​For the time being the call relations shown in the two graphical views are just a subset
 +of those found by the [[search|search]]. This is because they do not use the full search yet (in particular,
 +they completely ignore calls via meta-predicates). We have nevertheless released them looking ​
 +forward to your feedback and suggestions for improvement. The full
 +search, including a refined version of the meta-predicate analysis, will be integrated in
 +PDT 2.2.  ​
 +==== Search ====
 +  * Improved search for [[editor#​open_primary_declaration|Primary Definition or Declaration]]: ​
 +    * Show a message if a predicate has no source
 +    * Show a list of similar predicates if a predicate is undefined -- //Paul Singleton// --
 +    * Show a warning if there are no similar predicates.
 +  * Improved [[search|Reference Search]]. -- //Joint work with Jan Wielemaker//​ -- By using the SWI-Prolog library predicate prolog_walk_code/​1 to find references the PDT now
 +    * finds only proper calls and metacalls (no more uncalled terms that accidentally unify with the searched term) 
 +    * can determine the exact location of calls in reference search results. ​
 +  * Improved presentation of [[search#​search_results|Search results]]: ​
 +    * Definitions show the head of the found clause.
 +    * References show the call representing the reference.
 +  * New: Show progress bar while searching so that the initial display of " 0 matches"​ does not confuse users. -- //Paul Singleton// -- 
 +  * Fix: Handle predicates without source in search results.
 +==== Editor ====
 +  * New: Show a warning before opening large files. What "​large"​ means can be configured in the 
 +    [[configuration#​pdt|PDT Preferences]]. -- //Paul Singleton// --
 +  * New: [[editor#​outline|Outline]]:​ Show the first argument of clauses. ​
 +    If it is a function term show it as Functor/​Arity. -- //Paul Singleton// --
 +  * Fix: If a source file started with a clause head, placing the caret 
 +    within the head and triggering a search missed the first character of the head. -- //Paul Singleton// --
 +==== Prolog Process Configurations ====
 +  * New: You can now define different [[configuration#​prolog_processes|configurations for Prolog processes]]. Each process has a configuration. -- //Paulo Moura // -- 
 +  * New: When creating a process in the [[console|Prolog Console]] you can select the configuration for the new process.
 +==== Logtalk support ====
 +The following features now work also for Logtalk. -- //Joint work with Paulo Moura// --
 +  * [[editor#​open_primary_declaration|Find Primary Definition or Declaration]]
 +  * [[search|Global Prolog Search]] also for Logtalk entities, predicates declarations and definitions
 +  * [[editor#​warnings_and_errors|Warning and error markers]]
 +  * [[console#​go_to_error_location|Links in the Prolog Console for warnings and errors]]
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