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PDT 2.3: Added / improved functionality

Call Graphs

  1. More precise and and slightly faster detection of undeclared meta-predicates.
  2. Less false warnings about uncalled predicates (nodes with red edge in the Context View and Global View).
  3. Metacalls are displayed in the Context View and Global View:
    1. Arcs to predicates asserted or retracted are dashed + dotted (like the edges of dynamic predicates).
    2. Arcs to an invoked meta-predicate and to a predicate called by an invoked meta-predicate are dashed.
    3. There are options to display arcs from a meta-call
      1. either directly to the predicate called / asserted / retracted via the invoked meta-predicate ← the most useful option in our opinion
      2. or to the invoked meta-predicate
      3. or both.



  • Added presentation of the documentation for predicate completion.
  • Fixed usage of UTF-8 enconding.
  • Improved saving and restoring of the history.


  • Modified notification mechanisms to improve updating the state of files, the outline, etc.
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