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PDT 3.1: Added / improved functionality

Prolog Call Hierarchy

Logtalk Diagrams

Prolog Analyses

  • Crop the text shown in the title label of the search result view. – Paul Singleton
  • Removed the file layer from the search results. The file name is now shown together with a module/entity.
  • Show module references given by loading directives as child of the loading module in the search results.
  • Find Logtalk entity referencess in entity opening directive, uses and alias directives. – Joint work with Paulo Moura


  • Fixed highlighting of multi line atoms and strings. – Paul Singleton
  • Improved parsing of variables in the current clause. – Paul Singleton
  • Made the completion case-insensitive. – Paul Singleton
  • Character code expressions (0'a) are not the beginning of a quoted atom. – Paul Singleton


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