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-  * Install [[http://​|JDK/​JRE]] (at least version 1.7.X) +==== Prerequisites ​for the PDT Installation ====
-  * Install [[http://​​downloads| Eclipse]], version 4.6 (Neon) or above +
-  * Install [[http://​​|SWI-prolog]],​ version 6.6.0 (or above) ​for your platform. +
-    * Windows: Add the "​bin"​ directory of your SWI-Prolog installation to the system PATH. +
-    * Linux: Download the SWI-Prolog sources and see the README.linux file for further instructions. Make sure that all dependencies are loaded correctly (see [[http://​​build/​unix.html]]).  +
-    * Mac: Install MacPorts and type 'sudo port install swi-prolog'​. Add'/​opt/​local/​bin'​ to your system path (typically by adding it to the file /​etc/​paths). +
-      ​+
-//If you use Java 1.7 and encounter memory problems, start Eclipse ​with the command line options// "''​-Xmx512m ​-XX:​MaxPermSize=128m''​".+  - [[|JDK/​JRE]] (at least version ​1.7.X) 
 +  - [[http://​​downloads| ​Eclipse]] (at least version 4.6 /Neon) 
 +  - [[http://​​|SWI-prolog]] for your platform (at least version 6.6.0). Please follow **carefully** ​the  ​[[https:​//​download/​stable |instructions for installing on your specific operating system]].  
 +  - Make sure that the path to each of the above executables is in your PATH environment variable. 
 +  - Test your SWI-Prolog installation:​ In a terminal window, type 
 +    * ''​swipl''​ <If the SWI-Prolog command line does not start in your terminal, your PATH variable is not properly set up.  
 +    * ''​swipl-win''​ <- If no separate window opens for SWI-Prolog, X11 is not installed properly, or not running, or the DISPLAY variable might not point to the X11 server. ​   
 +  - If either of the two tests fails, see the [[troubleshooting | troubleshooting section]].
-<note important>​ 
-**Test your SWI-Prolog installation before you install the PDT or JTransformer.** If you get PrologProcessException errors (containing messages such as "​Failed to obtain session",​ "​Timout exceeded while waiting for peer to come up", etc.) SWI-Prolog cannot be started from Eclipse. Then make sure that  
-  - SWI-Prolog is installed, ​ 
-  - the SWI-Prolog executable "​swipl-win"​ is in your path, 
-  - your firewall does not block connections from Eclipse / Java to Prolog ​ 
-  - on MacOS: the X11 environment (XQuartz) is installed __and__ running and the DISPLAY variable is properly set (see also the note below). 
-**MacOS / Linux Troubleshooting**:​ If you are using the PDT / JT and the graphical tracer (or any other part of SWI-Prolog that need the XQuartz / X11 environment) does not start: 
-  - Open a terminal window 
-  - Type "echo $DISPLAY"​ 
-  - Copy the result line that is displayed 
-  - Open the PDT preferences (Preferences > PDT > Prolog Processes) 
-  - Select your current configuration on the right-hand side and click "​Edit"​ 
-  - Enter "​DISPLAY=...what you copied..."​ into the "Extra environment variables"​ field 
-  - If there are more entries there, separate them by a comma (,) 
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