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 +====== Prolog Analyses ======
 +<note important>​This feature is still in Beta state. If you have any feedback, [[..:​contact|please let us know]].</​note>​
 +The PDT offers the possibility to integrate user-defined Prolog analyses and their results into the Eclipse UI. The view **Prolog Analyses** lists all available analyses and their results. For each result of an analysis a so called **marker** is created. These markers are visible in the editor and in the navigator, just like the markers created for [[editor#​warnings_and_errors|Prolog warnings and errors]].
 +| {{:​research:​pdt:​docs:​analyses_overview.png?​500|}} | {{:​research:​pdt:​docs:​analyses_editor_marker.png|}} |
 +|  The Prolog Analyses view  |  Markers for results shown in the editor ||
 +The integration of a Prolog analysis is done by providing clauses for a few multifile predicates. The [[getting_started#​create_an_example_prolog_project|PDT Tutorial project]] contains a small example which demonstrates this integration.
 +There are two subpages which explain:
 +  * [[analysis_view|How to use the view Prolog Analyses]] and
 +  * [[analysis_integrate|How to integrate an analysis]].
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