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The current process is the process whose name is currently shown in the top left corner of the Prolog Console.

The current predicate is the name/arity of the term that is either selected in the active Prolog Editor or that is the nearest complete term enclosing the current selection or cursor position.

The active editor is the Prolog Editor that has the mouse focus.

Prolog Editor

F9 (Re)consult the file from the active editor
Ctrl-S Save active editor and reconsult it into the current process
Ctrl-Alt-S Save active editor without reconsulting
Ctrl-Space Autocompletion of current predicate
Ctrl-Shift-g Find references to the current predicate
F3 Find definition of current predicate

Prolog Console

F9 (Re)consult the file from the active editor
Ctrl-Shift-v Paste full path of the file from the active editor
TAB Auto-completion
Up Command history: Older command
Down Command history: Newer command
Page Up Command history search: Older command with same prefix
Page Down Command history search: Newer command with same prefix
The Prolog Console also suports the history commands of SWI-Prolog:
!!. Repeat last query
!nr. Repeat query numbered <nr>
!str. Repeat last query starting with <str>
h. Show history of commands
!h. Show this list
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