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The Prolog Development Tool - A Prolog IDE for Eclipse

The PDT is a Prolog IDE provided as a plug-in for the Eclipse Platform. All PDT features are implemented for SWI-Prolog, most also for Logtalk1). All native SWI-Prolog development tools (graphical tracer / debugger, profiler, …) can be used within the PDT. If you want to use the PDT with other Prolog implementations, read this.

Since version 1.0 the PDT is based on consulted code. All its elements (navigator, editor, outline, search, context view, code completion, etc.) show you the state of the code loaded in the Prolog process currently displayed in the Prolog Console.

It is recommended to have an entry point file for each project, which you consult when you start working on that project. The PDT helps you in creating entry point files.

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Project Explorer

  • Show source files and quick load files (QLF)
  • Show edited external files (blue link symbol)
  • Highlighting of entry points (yellow arrow)
  • Highlighting of consulted files (green background)

Package Explorer
Prolog Editor

  • Syntax highlighting
  • Singleton variable highlighting
  • Code Completion (module-aware)
  • Outline (module- and multifile-aware)
  • Quick outline displays predicate documentation (Ctrl O)
  • Warning and errors annotations (upon saving)
  • Breakpoints for the debugger
  • Keyboard shortcuts

Prolog editor

Prolog Console

Prolog console

Prolog Search

  • Find definition (module- and import-aware)
  • Find references (module-, import-, metaterm- and documentation-aware)
  • Global search, context search from editor, search from console.


Context View

  • Visualize call relations and dead code
  • Visualize predicate properties (exported, dynamic, …)
  • Focus on active editor, its callers and callees

Context View
SWI Prolog Debugger

  • Source level debugger
  • Breakpoints (connected to PDT editor)
  • Stack state
  • Variable bindings
  • Backtracking visualisation

SWI Prolog Profiler

  • Statistics on time spent in invoked predicates

The SWI-Prolog GUI tracer window

For instructions how to use the PDT for Logtalk see Section “Integration with PDT” on
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