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Call Graph Interaction


The views work in two modes:

  • Selection mode (default) allows to select predicates and adjust their position and size in the graph. If the call graph is bigger than the window size, horizontal and/or vertical scroll bars appear, allowing to shift the visible graph area by scrolling.
  • Navigation mode (active while the ctrl button is pressed) allows to shift the visible graph area by dragging the graph with the left mouse button:
    1. press ctrl and keep it pressed
    2. left-klick on the view's background and keep the left mouse button pressed
    3. drag the mouse shifting the visible graph area
    4. release the mouse and the ctrl key

If you work mainly in navigation mode, you can make navigation mode the default behavior by using the navigation button Navigation. When the Navigation button is pressed, you can press the ctrl button to temporarily activate selection mode.


In navigation mode you can use the mouse scroll wheel to zoom in and out the diagram.

Status Bar and Tool Tips

When the mouse hovers over a predicate box, the predicate name and its properties are shown in the status bar and in the tool tip. the tool tip can be switched off in the predicate layout Preferences.


The plugin suppports two layout algorithms:

Hierarchical layout (default) creates a graph where called predicates are placed bellow calling ones. To activate the hierarchical layout use the Hierarchical Layout button (right top corner of Context View window).

Organic layout creates a very compact graph where callers and callees are arranged as close as possible to each other, with arrows pointing in any direction. It provides many different layout variants. To activate the organic layout or get another organic layout variant click the Organic Layout button (right top corner of Context View window).

Updating the Call Graph

In order to update the graph use the “Refresh” button Refresh (right top corner of the plugin window).

The Plugin also supports an automatic update mode in which the graph will be updated whenever the related file is saved. The automatic mode can be turned on in the Preference Page.


Updating the graph will re-layout it. All manual layout adjustments will be lost!

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