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PDT - Download and Installation



  • First download and install SWI-prolog for your platform (at least version 6.0.0).
    • Windows: Add the “bin” directory of your SWI-Prolog installation to the system PATH.
    • Linux: Download the SWI-Prolog sources and see the README.linux file for further instructions. Make sure that all dependencies are loaded correctly (see
  • Download the latest Eclipse version.


Installation via the Update Site

After making sure that you have fulfilled the above prerequisites:

  • Add the PDT Update Site to your Eclipse installation by entering the following URL in “Help” → “Install new Software…” → “Add…”:
  • Select the “PDT” feature. This is how it should look (except for the version number):

PDT Update Site

If you want to use the most recent release of JTransformer, you can use the JTransformer update site.

  • Press “Next” and follow the instructions.

After Installation

After installation you might want to look at the help on getting started and the PDT tutorial.

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