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The Prolog Development Tool - A Prolog IDE for Eclipse

The PDT is a Prolog IDE provided as a plug-in for the Eclipse Platform. All PDT features are implemented for SWI-Prolog, most also for Logtalk1). All native SWI-Prolog development tools (graphical tracer / debugger, profiler, …) can be used within the PDT.

Current features include (Click on any of the section titles below to see the related manual section):

    • Syntax and singleton variable highlighting
    • Code Completion (module-aware)
    • Outline (module- and multifile-aware)
    • Quick outline (Ctrl O) with context help for documented source code
    • Find definition (module- and import-aware)
    • Find references (module-, import-, metaterm- and documentation-aware)
    • Warning and errors annotations (upon saving)
    • Keyboard shortcuts
    • Central point for interaction with multiple Prolog processes
    • “Follow editor” mode or explicit process switching
    • Separate history for each Prolog process
    • Color highlighting of warnings and errors
    • Adjustable fonts and colors
    • Code Completion
    • Keyboard shortcuts
  • SWI Prolog Profiler (home)
    • Statistics on time spent in invoked predicates

Full manual on one page (for quick printing).

For instructions how to use the PDT for Logtalk see Section “Integration with PDT” on
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