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Title Publisher Author(s) # copies Online version Borrowed from
The Ruby Programming Language O'Reilly David Flanagan, Yukihiro Matsumoto 2 Yuri/Christian (1x)
Ruby Cookbook O'Reilly Lucas Carlson, Leonard Richardson, et al. 0
Everyday Scripting with Ruby: For teams, testers and you Pragmatic Programmers Brian Marick 0
Design Patterns in Ruby Addison-Wesley Russell A. Olsen 0


Title Publisher Author(s) # copies Online version Borrowed from
The Rails Way: Driving Rails into the Enterprise Addison-Wesley Obie Fernandez 2
Agile Web Development with Rails (4th Edition) Pragmatic Programmers Dave Thomas, David Heinemeier Hansson, Andreas Schwarz 0
Rails Recipes Pragmatic Programmers Chad Fowler 0
Advanced Rails Recipes: 72 New Ways to Build Stunning Rails Apps Pragmatic Programmers Mike Clark, Chad Fowler 1
Ruby on Rails 2: Das Entwickler-Handbuch (German) Galileo Press Hussein Morsy, Tanja Otto 1 here
Enterprise Rails O'Reilly Dan Chak 1
RailsSpace Addison-Wesley Hartl / Prochazka 1
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