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IAI Printers

Printer Setup (Drucker einrichten)

Printer Access

A configuration that definitely worked (but might have been invalidated by changes by the SGA):

  • Host:<printer name>
  • Username:
    • IAI\<Unix user name> ← on Windows
    • IAI/<Unix user name> ← on Linux and MacOS
  • Passwort: Windows password

Win32 Drivers of some IAI Printers

Printer Path/Name Driver Notes
Pflaume \\Iaiw2khome\pflaume HP LaserJet 8150 Series PS Use the PS driver!!
Banane \\Iaiw2khome\banane HP Color LaserJet 5500 PS
Himbeere\\Iaiw2khome\himbeere hp4550n
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