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To access the network “iai-fanuidhol-wlan” via a secure connection you need to

  1. Setup your IAI-VPN (see below)
  2. Login to IAI-VPN with your unix account, unix password and the password associated to the PVN certificate.

If your VPN access does not work, the first thing to check is whether your OpenVPN installation is up to date. Please update it and try again before you complain to the SGA.


  1. Check whether you have a Unix account in the Computer Science Department
    • It is the same as your Computer Science e-mail account. If you have a <user> e-mail, <user> is also your linux account and the passwords are the same too.
    • If you have none, send an e-mail requesting a local account to SGA (cc to Günter)
  2. Create your IAI certificate ← do this from the internal network, e.g. one of the Linux computers on the right-hand-side of pool A107
    • For this you need to log in with your Unix account (see first point above).
    • Make sure to type the captcha and your login very quickly because there is a timout of just 30 seconds for logging in.
    • The web GUI is clumsy. Skip the section that opens by default and go to the section “IAI PNAS VPN” to create your certificate.
    • Make sure to have a paper and pencil available to assemble a password that fullfils the all the requirements explained (in very tiny font :-( on that page)
  3. Add the certificate to your OpenVPN installation
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