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SVN Troubleshooting

In case you have trouble accessing the SVN for your lecture this page gives you hints to solve the problem in a systematic way.

I didn't receive my username

  1. Really?
    • Check your spam folder, please.
    • Usually the mails are sent in the first or second week of the semester.
    • Sender of the mail is the SGA (System Gruppe Altbau).
  2. If yes
    • We probably have the wrong email address or no email address at all.
    • Contact one of us so that we can fix or add your email address.

The SVN perspective in Eclipse shows an error!

  • Does it say “< An error occurred while accessing the repository >”?
    • If yes: This is no problem so far 8-)
    • Try sharing a project into your folder. It should work. If not follow the steps below.

My account doesn't work

  • If you contact us because of SVN problems, let us know your
    • Real name
    • SVN username (Typically of the form lecturename.yoursurname)
    • Your group number
    • … and the error message you are receiving.
    • But, first try the following steps!
  1. Check whether you have the right password and username.
    • Go to and try to log in.
      (There is a little bug in this form :-/: If you typed the wrong password, you need to reload the page. Otherwise it will tell you that the password is wrong, even if it isn't.)
    • Once you have successful logged in, you will find a page that tells you that you are in the group oosc.student and oosc.groupXX, where XX stands for the number of your group.
    • If you can't login successfully, contact us to reset your password or to recreate your account.
  2. Check the access rights that every student should have.
  3. Check the access right for your group repository.
    • Use a web browser to open the URL of your groups repository.
    • If you can't access these folders, contact us to correct the rights.
  4. If there was no problem till here, the problem is probably harder to solve.
    • Contact us.
  • As soon as we learned about other reasons, we might extend this trouble shooting guide.

I press the login button at the bottom of this page, but I can't login.

  • That's correct 8-)
  • The button at the bottom of this page is for the Wiki not for the SVN.
  • For an accessible URL see above in step 2.
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