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Project Group / Lab on Mobile Gaming

A.B. Cremers, H. Mügge, P. Bihler, M. Schmatz


Mobile games are based on the physical movements of players in a game-world that combines the real world with virtual dimensions. Mobile games unite two game-worlds that were previously mutually exclusive: classic outdoor games and computer games.

But they are also games in the traditional sense as “homo sapiens” has always been a “homo ludens”. Games are part of the every day life, just like eating, breathing, or sleeping. They allow us to try the impossible. We use game rules to voluntarily confine the game space, and then roam this space to imaginatively overcome the limits of reality. But apart from being a pastime, games also mirror the real world and so they can be used to play-test life. Over the centuries, games evolved with the intellectual and technical possibilities of mankind.


Goal of this lab is to learn to know different frameworks for location-based multi-player games both theoretically and in practice. Each participant will implement a mobile game with location support using the framework. Additionally she will study the characteristics of the framework and give a final presentation about using it.


  • Preliminary Presentation: Monday, 20.07.09, Expo-Room (Basement of Neubau, Römerstr. 164, Bonn)
  • Dates during the term:
    • Seminar: Monday, 11h00-13h00 ct, Room A121 (Altbau, Römerstr. 164, Bonn)
    • Lab: Monday, 13h00-17h00 ct, Room A106 (Altbau, Römerstr. 164, Bonn)
  • Application: Please write an email to Pascal Bihler explaining in short words your motivation for the seminar.

Paper & Presentation

  • Written summary (paper)
    • ca. 30 pages LNCS style
    • 50% introduction, overview, and scientific background of your chosen framework
    • 50% introduction, overview, and discussion of your implementation
    • Submission deadline: 2010-02-08, 23:59:59h
  • Presentation with PowerPoint slides: 30 minutes per person (that is 1 hour for pairs and 1,5 hours for triples)


Project intro and Orga :sec:

Select your favourite framework here

Seminar "Lecture" Topics

Seminar Presentations

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