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Archive of our Labs since 2003

About our XP / Agile / Lean Lab Courses

The software engineering lectures Softwaretechnologie (de), Object Oriented Software Construction, Advanced Topics in Software Construction typically cover Agile processes and in particular Extreme Programming in one talk.

Since 2002 there are one or two Agile Labs every year as part of International Program of Excellence (IPEC) of the Bonn-Aachen International Center for Information Technology (B-IT)

As feedback is the core principle behind all Agile processes the organizers made some effort to collect feedback from the participants, the student council of the computer science department and experienced professional consultants. E.g. the wiki of the lab in the fall 2008 has a lot of sides with feedback, see menu items under the “Process” heading on the left.

There are three short publications about the early experiences in teaching XP (2004) as well as about our experience with Kanban (2013) and an overview about the first ten years (2013).

Contact the Mailing list or Daniel Speicher if you want to know more. Experienced Agile practitioners are always welcome to give the students some impressions of real life Agile software development.

During XP2011 in Madrid, a few people tried to define how a European network of Agilists could help to bring Agile in universities and colleges across Europe. This short description of our agile lab courses was originally published in the Wiki of this network, which is unfortunately no longer available.


:en: Agile Lab 2013 (Fall) → “CodeCaterpillar”


:en: Agile Lab 2012 (Fall) → “GeoQuest++”


:en: Agile Lab 2011 (Fall) → “Cultivate goes Android”


:en: Agile Lab 2010 (Fall) → “Mobile Web Adaptation”
:en: XP Lab 2010 in Nanjing, China → “Mafia Game” (We consulted only)


:en: Agile Lab 2009 (Fall) → “Location Aware Trail management”
:en: Agile Lab 2009 (Spring) → “Program Analysis and Metrics revisited (Cultivate)”


:en: Agile Lab 2008 (Fall) → “Scotland Yard to go”
:en: Agile Lab 2008 (Spring) → “Extension to JTransformer”


:en: XP Lab 2007 (Fall) → “Scotland Yard to go”
:en: Alistar Cockburn, 28.06.07, Software Engineering in the 21st Century

One of our heroes visited us 8-)
and we missed to take a picture :-(
:en: XP Lab 2007a (Spring) → “MotionLab goes Blender”


:en: XP Lab 2006b (Fall) → “Context Sensitive Mobile Application (CSI Navigator)”


:en: XP Lab 2005b (Fall) → “Context Sensitive Mobile Application (CSI PimPro)”
:en: XP Lab 2005a (Spring) → “Visual Tool Support for Refactoring to Pattern”


:en: XP Project Group 2004b (Fall) → “Program Analysis (JTransformer, Cultivate)”
:en: XP Lab 2004a2 (Spring) → “Tool Support for Pattern Management (PatchWork)”
:en: XP Lab 2004a1 (Spring) → “Logic Representation of Java Code (JTransformer)”


:de: XP Lab 2003 (Fall) → “Editor for Conditional Transformations (ConTraCT)”
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