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Lab "Distributed Big Data Analytics"

Dr. Hajira Jabeen & Gezim Sejdiu

There will be no class on

Tuesday, 24.10.2017

General Information

Distributed Big Data Analytics General Information

This course is regularly offered, as part of the ICM track of the CS Master's program. The course number in the master module handbook is MA-INF 4223.

Time Tuesday, 10:00-13:00.
Date Weekly, from 9th October to 2 Feb, 2018
Place Room A06, on the ground floor of the AVZ, Römerstr. 164.
Course number (Module handbook) MA-INF 4223
Language English
Lecturer Dr. Hajira Jabeen and Gezim Sejdiu
Exercises See below

*/ The module will be offered every semester, concentrating on one of the following topics Big Data Mining Knowledge Graph Mining Big Data Tools and Programming In-memory Analytics Distributed Processing in Machine Learning Parallel Machine Learning Data Distribution for Machine learning Applications

Place and Time

The lab will take place in the Römerstr. 164 building, Seminarraum A6a, each Tuesday from 10:00 to 13:00.


What When Lecture Worksheet
Lecture 1 17th October 01-2._motivation.pdf 2worksheet_1.pdf

Mailing List

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Teaching Staff

Who E-mail Tel Office
Dr. Hajira Jabeen jabeen -at- cs uni-bonn de (0228) 73-4357 A108
Gezim Sejiu sejdiu -at- cs uni-bonn de (0228) 73-4357 A120
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