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Knowledge Graph Analysis - Lab SS2019

General Information

Knowledge Graph Analysis - Lab SS2019 (MA-INF 4227)

Time Wednesdays, 15:00 - 18:00
Date Weekly, from April 10 according to the Schedule of the Lecture (will be annouced)
Place Seminarraum 1.047 (Address: Endenicher Allee 19a, 53115 Bonn)
Language English
Lecturer Dr. Hamed Shariat Yazdi, Prof. Jens Lehmann

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This contents will be provided in the classroom.

Teaching Staff

Who E-mail Tel Office
Dr. Hamed Shariat Yazdi shariat -at- cs uni-bonn de (0228) 73-4506 1.066


Date Slide Link
09.04.2019 kga_lab_week01.pdf
24.04.2019 kga_lab_week02.pdf
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