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Seminar Details


Each participant is required to attend each presentation (and discussion).

The official seminar presentations will take place on

  • Tuesday, June 28: Text to Model and Model to Text
    • 09-10: XText (Holger)
    • 10-11: Xpand (Meena)
    • 11-12: Discussion
  • July 12: Model to Model
    • 09-10: QVT Operational (Oliver)
    • 10-11: QVT Relational (Florian)
    • 11-12: ATL (Ahmad)
    • 12-13.30: Lab topics: Presentation and topic assignment


Model-driven software engineering provides languages and tools for the following three activities that are typically part of every software development:

  1. Text to Model (T2M) transformation is about parsing concrete syntax and creating an internal representation that is easier to handle.
  2. Model to Model (M2M) transformation is about working with the internal representation.
  3. Model to Text (M2T) transformation about creating again concrete syntax from the internal representation.

Accordingly, the seminar will address the following topics:

The details behind some of the above topics will be presented in the info meeting (see top of page). However, if you are curious, you can alread browse some of the links or use Google.

Which of the listed topics will actually be addressed and how deep we go into a particular topic depends on the number of participants and will be discussed at the info meeting.

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