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Bug 048

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Inspired by

Original Description

“One of the arguments is incompatible with the corresponding format string specifier. As a result, this will generate a run-time exception when executed. For example, String.format(”%d“, “1”) will generate an exception, since the String “1” is incompatible with the format specifier %d.” – 2013-12-02

Detailed Description

Due to incompatible format specifier for integer and float, during the execution of the program it generates run-time exception. Whereas the IDE does not recognize the error.

Sample Problem Scenario

<code Java>

public static void main(String[] args) {
	String.format("%d", 1.5);


Sample Fix

Change the format specifier according to the given argument <code Java>

public static void main(String[] args) {
        String.format("%f", 1.5);


Evaluation Results

Benchmark project Precision Recall
FB JT Delta FB JT Delta
Project … …% …% …% …% …% …%
Project … …% …% …% …% …% …%

FB = FindBugs, JT = JTransformer, Delta = JTransformer - FindBugs

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