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Bug Cor113

Inspired by

Original Description

“This method contains a self assignment of a field; e.g.” – 2013-11-18

Detailed Description

This bug is already detected by Eclipse so we didn't implement it (just assigned Red Minus Sign in front of it in the “Bug Descriptions” page).

Sample Problem Scenario

<code Java> package javaSample.bugCor113; Removed - The bug is already detected by Eclipse

public class SelfAssignmentOfField {

 public static void main (String[] args){
int x;
    x = x;                   // Removed - The bug is already detected by Eclipse//		

} </Code>

Sample Fix

The Bugs is already detected in Eclipse. No need to fix it.

Evaluation Results

Benchmark project Precision Recall
FB JT Delta FB JT Delta
Project … …% …% …% …% …% …%
Project … …% …% …% …% …% …%

FB = FindBugs, JT = JTransformer, Delta = JTransformer - FindBugs

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