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We meet on Monday, Oct 14 in A301. Please bring your laptop. Make sure it has a working

Use the git-bash shell (installed by msysgit) to create a pair of private and public keys (by invoking ssh-keygen). When asked to set a passphrase just type return (you don't need the passphrase). Then send me the public key. We need it to give you access to the lab's git server.

And don't forget to do the starting task!

MDSE Lab 2013

  • Course title: Lab Model-driven Software Engineering
  • Course number in module handbook: MA 3219
  • Course number in Basis: 612013219
  • Hours per week: 4
  • Credit points: 9.
  • Prerequisites: Object-oriented programming and UML. Lab participants with experience in Prolog, Java or both are particularly welcome and will be given priority (if there are more participants than places).

Time and Place

  • Time: Each Monday, 14:00 - 18:00 (starting Oct. 14)
  • Place: Room A301, Römerstr. 164

Lab Overview

The lab will then build on be JTransformer / StarTransformer and the knowledge from the seminar to develop novel model-based software development aids. In particular, we will develop:

  1. Tools for detect software problems (in the style of FindBugs)
  2. Tools that additionally fix the detected problems
  3. Basic analyses and transformations that enable building the above two tool categories on a higher level of abstracton (again, data and control flow).

Participants are welcome to propose own ideas in any of the above categories (in addition to the topics suggested by Dr. Kniesel).

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