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Prerequisite: Install the Xtend Plugin

  1. In Eclipse go to Help → Install New Software → Add…
  2. In the name text field type 'xtend' or whatever name you want to give that plugin
  3. Click OK and wait for the packages to get fetched (This can take some time with a slow internet connection!)
  4. Check the latest Xtend (Xtend-2.4.3) release (Only this one is required) and proceed with the installation.

Installing the Prolog Templates Plugin

  1. Get the .jar file and put it in the dropins folder of your eclipse installation. (It is a folder in the filesystem (outside of eclipse) in the same directory where eclipse is installed)
  2. Restart Eclipse.
  3. Finished!

Using the Prolog Templates Plugin

  1. Go to File → New → Other.. → Prolog Templates and select 'Create Prolog Analyses File'
  2. Browse the Container to select the package where you want to have the files created. (Typically something like: src/bugFixes/bugCor123 )
  3. Specify the filename of your module. (Better use a name that says something about the bug than just the bug number)
  4. Specify the name of your analysis and transformation predicates
  5. Press Finished!

When problems arise or you have suggestions for improving the template contact Malte!

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