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Starting Task

:!: Read the descriptions of the Correctness Bugs assigned below to you. E.g. if your number range below is 1-10 then read the bugs with JT-Bug-Id1) 'Cor 1' to 'Cor 10':

  • 1-10: Santiago Londoño Zapata
  • 11-20: Grigory Kulesko
  • 21-30: Sareh Ghayoomi
  • 31-40: Ankush Khanna
  • 41-50: Malte Mauelshagen
  • 51-60: Cheng Fang
  • 61-70: Behnam Ghavimi
  • 71-80: Narges Poursaleh
  • 81-90: Priyanka Dank
  • 91-100: Jorge Ortiz Rodriguez
  • 100-110: Jaspreet Kaur
  • 111-120: Harshit Raikar
    • The task was to work on correctness bugs, not on bad practices. This is bad practice BP 31. – GK
    • It is not helpful to use names when the bug assignment above uses numbers. Please mention the number range (from the linked Correctness Bugs file) so that others do not need to process anymore since you did it already. – GK

:!: If you understand none of the assigned bug descriptions

  • choose 10 other correctness bugs (that are not assigned to someone else)
  • enter that assignment in the above enumeration, so that your colleagues don't work on the same bugs.

:!: Finally,write a detailed documentation for 1-3 bug descriptions.

left-hand-side-column in the file
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