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Setup Eclipse DSL, Mylyn and Jira


You should already have an Eclipse DSL version.

Make sure that you uninstall all previously installed versions of Mylyn, so that there are no inconsistencies (we have to install an older version of the Jira connector, so this won't work if there is a newer version installed).

You can either do this by downloading a fresh version of Eclipse DSL or just just uninstall the plugins by going to “Help” –> “Installation Details”. Here you should select everything that says Mylyn, Jira, Atlassian Connector etc. If you didn't install any other plugins, the “Eclipse DSL Tools” entry should be the only thing left in the list.

Restart Eclipse.


Install the Atlassian Eclipse Connector via the updatesite: Do :oppose: NOT :oppose: use the marketplace or any other updatesite, since the newest version only support JIRA v5.0 and on our server runs JIRA v4.4.

To install plugins from an update site, go to “Help” –> “Install New Software”. Paste the URL into the textfield, hit enter and select the only entry which is there. “Calculating requirements and dependencies” may take some time, since it's going to install Mylyn aswell. Just follow the wizard (click next, accept the license and wait for the installation to be finished). Click OK if the Security Warning pops up. Since we are going to install an additional plugin you don't need to restart Eclipse now.

What we are going to install now is the integration of Mylyn to the already existing Eclipse views (e.g. the Package Explorer). Go to “Install New Software” again and enter the URL:

Select (at least) the following entries:

  • Category: Mylyn Features
    • Mylyn Task-Focused Interface
  • Category: Mylyn Integrations
    • Mylyn Context Connector: Eclipse IDE
    • Mylyn Context Connector: Java Development
    • Mylyn Context Connector: Team Support
    • Mylyn Versions Connector: Git

You :oppose: MUST NOT :oppose: select the C/C++ Development entry, since this will install the complete CDT which takes a lot of time and is not used at all.

Click “Next” and follow the wizard.

After the installation is finished, restart Eclipse.

Setup the Jira connector

After restarting Eclipse you should be able to select the Mylyn views. Go to “Window” –> “Show view” –> “Other…” and select the “Taks List” view in the “Mylyn” folder.

Click the first icon in the Task List's toolbar and select “Add Repository…”

Select JIRA and enter the data you see in the screenshot (of course with your own User ID and password). The server URL of JIRA is

You can validate your settings and if everything works just click “Finish”.

In the popup, click “Yes”.

Now we are going to add a query, which is basically a filter. We want to find all tasks for our project, so we select the second entry (“Use saved filter from the repository”) and choose “MDSE Lab 2014 - All issues”.

The issues will be downloaded and be presented in your Task List. Now you can start working on your issues, edit them (double click on the entry in the Task List) and so on.

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