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  • Course title: Seminar Model-driven Software Engineering
  • Course number in module handbook: MA 3218
  • Course number in Basis: 612013218
  • Hours per week: 2
  • Credit points: 4.
  • Prerequisites: Object-oriented programming and UML.

Seminar Overview

The seminar will be two-fold:

  1. One part will introduce basic MDSE concepts and, in particular, declarative MDSE.
  2. The second part will present application scenarios in which we will use MDSE.

These include generic problems such as building a precise control-flow or data-flow graph.


If you are interested in the seminar and lab attend the info meeting. The details of the seminar topics assigned to info meeting participants will be presented here after the info meeting.

  1. Basics: Ecore, EMF
  2. Text to Model: Xtext - Goodies
  3. Text to Model: Xtend
  4. Model to Model: ATL
  5. Model to Text: Xpand
  6. Logic world: StarTransformer


Preparation. Following the info meeting's assignment of individual topics, you will have time to

  • study the provided material
  • possibly gather more material
  • try out tools
  • structure the material
  • gather open questions to be clarified
  • make a mind map of the topic domain
  • determine key concepts and the material to use for presenting them
    • definitions and examples,
    • source code
    • images, figures, tables, …
  • July 25 to last week of August

Clarification. Each participant will be assigned a slot in the last week of August (for discussing the above, and, most importantly, addressing all the problems that he / she still faces (unclear concepts, unclear presentation ideas, …)

  • last week of August, at either 10:00 or 13:00

Rehearsal presentation. In the fourth week of September participants will deliver their draft presentation.

The draft presentation will be delivered live, as a general rehearsal, that is, not just the slides but by actually giving the talk. Then the participants will have a week for including any suggestions for improvement and delivering their final presentation.

  • Sept 22 to 24, at either 10:30, 13:00 or 15:00
  • please make sure, that you have an appointment

Official Presentations

During the seminar phase, each participant is required to attend each presentation.

Every presentation should take 30 minutes + 15 minutes for demo (if needed) and discussion.

Final deliverables

  • October 10: Final report (5-10 pages) and presentation (possibly updated) slides
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