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Eclipse Modelling Framework (EMF)

Tools to try

  1. Install the Eclipse Modelling Tools configuration




Which sections to read and try out interactively

Read all the three introductory articles in the “Overview section” above.

In the “EMF Developer Guide” section of the Eclipse manuals read the following:

  1. The entire Programmer's Guide
  2. The first two Tutorials (Generating an EMF Model and Generating an Extended EMF Model)
  3. The FAQ in the “Online DOcs” subsection

Scan the EMF homepage for additional information.

Look in detail at the ECORE specification and skim the specification of MOF / EMOF just to get a feeling how they are related or differ (how much more complex MOF is and how similar EMOF is to ECORE).

Which questions to answer after reading the above

  1. What is EMF, and why would I want to use it ?
  2. How does it do this → Which is the basic principle?
    1. ECORE!
  3. How does it work → In detail, on an example (or several)
    1. Explain the main classes
    2. Explain how they are used to define a model
    3. Explain how to define models (which tools are there, which procedures / workflows to follow)
  4. Benefits of EMF
    1. Generic tools (work on languages they where never specifically designed for)
    2. Interoperability of tools (XMI as interchange format)
    3. … whatever else you find noteworthy …

What to do next

  1. Write down your full text answers to the questions
    1. Just for yourself, do not try to write a report immediately
  2. Think on how you would present these answers
    1. Helpful code samples
    2. Helpful diagrams / figures / tables / …
    3. Main messages
    4. Essential keywords
    5. Images that support the main messages
  3. Rethink the structure, possibly restructure
  4. Get feedback from a colleague (present your material to him/her)
  5. If the structure is good, start writing your report using all of the accumulated material (code, figures, …)

And obviously: Ask for advice before you get stuck and don't know how to continue!

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