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Lab "Model-Driven Software Engineering"

Dr. Günter Kniesel

General Information

The lab are part of the ICM track of the M.Sc. curriculum. It is aimed at students who want to specialize in software engineering.

The lab is the follow up course for the MDSE seminar in the summer semester, which has layed the theoretical foundations for the lab topics. Studentss who attended the seminar will be given priority in case that there are more lab candidates than available places.

Model Driven Software Engineering

Increasing complexity of modern software calls for more effective and predictable approaches to software development. This need has led to the rise of a new paradigm: Modell-driven Software Engineering (MDSE). MDSE is being successfully used in many domains and is continuously evolving. There is a wide range of tools and technologies that use or support MDSE. Knowledge of MDSE concepts and tools has become an elementary skill for a software engineer.

Lab Topic

The lab will use MDSE technology (in particular Xtext and Sirius) for generating a textual and a graphical DSL for two logic languages: Prolog and the Conditional Transformation Language (CTL).

The lab will build on prior work from a master thesis and extend it into a full fledged IDE for Prolog and the CTL.

The practical experience and the conceptual / technological insights gained during the lab are expected to help identify further options for improvement that could be pursued as master theses. Successful lab participants will be the primary candidates for these theses.

Place and Time

The lab will take place in the Römerstr. 164 building, room A123 and A107, each Wednesday from 11 to 17. The first meeting is on Wednesday, October 19, 2016.


Additional information for lab participants is available in the lab-internal section.

Mailing List

  • mdse course lists iai uni bonn defill spaces with- @ . . - .”) ← will be set up after registration of participants

Teaching Staff

Who E-mail Tel Office
Dr. Günter Kniesel gk -at- cs uni-bonn de (0228) 73-4511 A107
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