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Feel free to add questions, comments or answers about the Java Warmup Tasks on this page.



Question How do I get detailed information about my eclipse (CVS) error.Answer Easy, it's quite simple. On error a little window pops up, which looks quite like this one (under the text).
When you click on the brief error message in the first half of the window, in the bottom part a detailed description appears.




Question I don't get it right with this line breaks and indents. Could anybody fix it? Answer Done. You may include linebreaks in a paragraph by typing \ \ (without the space inbetween).Question Furthermore, I uploaded a wrong picture (at the bottom of this page). Could the admin please delete it?Answer You're right. It nees an admin to delete this. But it's no problem. There will be one day where this attachment is deleted. The recommende way to place a picture in this Wiki is to upload it to attachments.


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