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Localization / GPS / GSM / WLAN

Theoretical know how is not enough here. We need some code snippets to show how we can access GPS and GSM information.

Collaborate with the Hardware people to discuss the necessary equipment. (Ask our customer, what might be possible.)


In the last practical course we did a lot of experiments with a WLAN localization software callged Magic Map. The results in the B-IT building where very disappointing (Ask Tobias, Bernd, Kai, …). We should definitly focus on the other technologies.


  • For WLAN: Many. For the rest: none.

Software (Products and Development)

Client-based only:

  • Cell Profiler is a location based profile manager
  • phoneAlarm manages missed calls etc. but also offers definition of actions based on location and calendar entries (works on my MDA pro (hm))Taking environmental data into account:
  • EarthComber finds interesting stuff in your vicinity based on profile matching and location detection. Maps and content available only for U.S.
  • Targeting GPS An interesting link to an article about reading GPS data from J2ME environment
  • jGPS JAVA-API that makes the handling of GPS devices a lot easier.
  • VisualGPS Freeware Software which is able to visualize data recorded by gps devices (data has to be NMEA-0183 standard)

GSM (Co-)location


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